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Since that thread is long since closed, I wanted to post an update here in this more recent one for anyone else now or in the future that needs sourcing help like I did. Hope no one minds.

For anyone looking to replace the motor on Lippert Stabilizer Kit 113407, the Klauber Machine and Gear P/N K01285-C800 is a DIRECT replacement.

While Klauber does not show this motor on their webpage, I assure you the part number is valid and available. Company contact information is here

My 5’er had the “Made in India” motor mentioned earlier (Mfg stamp of “Prabha”), but no part number stamped or printed on it anywhere. I poked around their corporate website and while I found a rear stabilizer jack system that looks suspiciously like the Lippert system (complete with similarly worded marketing material), I didn’t find a motor. Besides, I wasn’t interested in ordering from outside the U.S.

In my case, it looks like the road spray during wet weather penetrated the assembly in a manner similar to what DRSmart described. However, since I literally poured water out of the casing (!!!), I decided replacement was a better option than rebuild.

Lippert was kind enough to direct me to this page on their website for a replacement motor. While Lippert’s $315 price tag has certainly come down from the originally reported price of $530, it was still too high for my taste.

The price from Klauber you ask?


That’s not a typo.

Klauber was *VERY* prompt in their communication with me and shipped the motor the very next business day after I ordered it. One caveat with doing business with them is that they will ONLY ship COD. I don’t know why, but frankly I don’t care. I got a replacement motor delivered to my house in less than 7 days for $171.50.

It installed very quickly with all the original mounting hardware. I sealed a couple of areas with silicone, specifically the hole in the boot where the wire bundle exits, the area where the boot mates up with the back of the housing, and over the top of the paper sealing gasket along the circumference of the housing. Unless water penetrates through the drive shaft (unlikely), I don’t see a similar problem in the future.

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